To all Anna M. Vincent Scholarship aspirants, a few words about the lady whose benefaction has made these scholarships possible.  Anna M. Vincent was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1884 and died in Philadelphia in 1967.  The Anna M Vincent scholarships were inspired by Mrs. Vincent's own living experience, which should serve as an inspiration to the young men and women who aspire to and receive the scholarship awards.

If Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford were prototypes of the self-made American man, Anna M. Vincent (whom we shall refer to as "Anne," which was her preference) was truly the self-made American woman. Living most of her life alone in widowhood, she worked hard, observed thrift, studied constantly, invested her money wisely and amassed a small fortune valued at her death at nearly two million dollars. With about one and one-half million dollars, she established a scholarship trust fund for young people.

BNY Mellon, National Association and Robert I. Whitelaw are the Trustees for the Anna M. Vincent Scholarship Trust established in 1967.


Under the terms of the Deed of Trust, the Trustees will make awards to students worthy of financial assistance; of high scholastic standing and good character; and residents of Philadelphia or the surrounding five county Philadelphia area: i.e., Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania and Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester Counties in New Jersey.

Grant awards range from $2,500 to $10,000 and are renewable for up to five years, provided an acceptable renewal application is submitted online. Anna M. Vincent was a believer in the value of working while pursuing education. Students who have not held a paying job while in school may not be considered for funding.


To apply online to the Anna M. Vincent Scholarship Trust, please click here.